The 2nd International Conference On Future Contexts: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Literature, Language and Translation
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Keynote Speakers

Prof. Mona Baker -UK   

Prof. Jeanne Dubino - USA                                         

Prof. Christopher Rundle – Italy & UK    

Prof. Isabella Camera D’afflitto – Italy

Prof. Sun Yixue – China (online)

Prof. ZHANG Hua (online)                                   



 In a rapid changing world that we live nowadays, interdisciplinary studies are at crossroads between tradition and innovation. Scholarly activities are at the intersection of computing or digital technologies and the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. Studies on common practices of research and analysis in the discipline is now questioned in terms of the over whelming spread of technology.

The School of Linguistics & Translation-Badr University in Cairo is pleased to announce its Second International conference on Languages, Linguistics, Translation and Literature in a hybrid form (online and in person presentations). Academics and scholars from national and international universities and research centres are cordially invited to present their research  regarding current issues in  the four tracks of the conference: Literature, linguistics, translation and language learning (Teaching languages) in six languages; Arabic English, Italian, German, Spanish and Chinese. .


Abstract submission opens

(not less than 250 words)

March 12th , 2022

Notification to Authors

One week after submission



Regular Registration

August 30th , 2022 - October 15th-2022

Conference Date

Saturday-Sunday 15-16, October 2022

Final Paper Submission deadline

December 15, 2022.




1500 EGP

Participants from Egyptian universities

150  EUR

Participants from Foreign universities 


500 EGP

Participation + certificate

50% discount

participants from Universities that have agreements with Badr University.


Conference’s Proceedings:
Accepted full-text papers of the Conference will be peer reviewed and published in the Special Journal Issue of Transcultural Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (TJHSS). The Journal has a valid ISSN number and impact score 7. Conference registration fee covers publishing.

Conference Themes

We Welcome contributions across the topics included, but not limited to:

 Literature Track:

 interdisciplinary studies in Literature  

 Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences  

 Migration, Transnationalism, and Diaspora in Literature 

 The politics in/of Literature 

 Literature and Human Rights 

 Literature, Medicine & disease 

 Literature and Ecology 

 Literature and technology 

 Challenges in contemporary literature 

 Linguistics Track

Language and crisis 

 Language and ideology 

 Language and media 

 Language and technology 

 Language and society 

 Language and “One Belt, One Road” 

 Chinese as foreign language and “One Belt, One Road 

 Language and economy  

 Computational linguistics 

 Corpus-based language studies 

 Language and cognition 

 Historical linguistics 

 Forensic linguistics (language and the law) 

 Comparative and contrastive linguistic studies 

 Narrative syntax  

 Translation Track

 Translation and minority

 Translation in local and international spheres

 Technical and methodological perspectives of translation and interpretation

 Technology and translation

 Terminology and translation

 Professional challenges in translation and interpretation

 Translation services in regional and international organizations

 Academic plans in translation and interpretation departments

 Developments in translation corpora

 Electronic engines and digital translation

 Past and future Impact of pandemics on translation studies and teaching

  Teaching Languages Track


 Parallel workshops

   2 workshops  on 21st century teaching methodologies offered by Capital for Professional Training.


Languages of the Conference:

 English is the official language of correspondence, though presentations will be in the language of specialization.


For registration: Please visit the Conference’s website:


For further inquiry please contact: Prof. Mohamed Shaaban Deyab at

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