The 2nd International Conference On Future Contexts: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Literature, Language and Translation
Conference Program








Day 1: Saturday 15th October 2022


VIP Reception

BUC President’s Office

9:00 –10:00

Registration (Main Entrance of the School of Linguistics)

10:00 – 10:30

Opening session

Hall 234

10:30 – 12:15

Hall 234

Prof. Mona Baker

Co-Ordinator Genealogies of Knowledge Research Network, Affiliate Professor Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Education (SHE) University of Oslo, Director of Baker Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies at Shanghai International Studies University Honorary Dean of the Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

(Corpus-based Conceptual Analysis and Translation as a Meeting Ground of Disciplines)


Prof. Christopher Rundle

University of Bologna, Italy

(The ambiguities of researching the censorship of translation)


Professor Sun Yixue – China (online)

Tongji University-China

(الملامح الاولیة "لمجتمع ترجمی صینی أفریقی")

12:15 -01:15

Lunch Break

1:15 – 3:15

Parallel Sessions

Session (1) A (1)  (ENG) Translation

Room 119

Session (1) B

(ENG) Literature

Room 107

Session (1) C

(ENG) Linguistics


Session (1) D


Room 112

Session (1) E


Room 113


Prof. Nagwa Younis



Doaa Ramadan Afify

Damanhour University, Egypt

Investigating the Translation of Certain Features of Idiomaticity into English in Ahmed Mourad’s Novel Vertigo: A Cultural Approach


Ghada Kamel Elbahy

Alex University, Egypt

Sociological Dimension in the Translation of Syrian Refugees’ Voices


Laila Ahmed El Feel

Alex University, Egypt

Investigating the Use of Superordinates to Solve the Problem of Non-equivalence in the Arabic Subtitles of the Documentary David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet (2020


Rania Refaat

Pharos University, Egypt


Ambiguity in Literary Translation: A semantic Approach of “Ibn Arabi's Small Death” by Mohamed Hasan Alwa


Sara El-Sayed

Pharos University, Egypt


Gender Representation in Dubbing Disney Animation: A Feminist Perspective


Sarah Yahya Ali & Rasha

 College of Language & Communication, AASTMT, Egypt
Investigating Recontextualization in the intersemiotic translation of "The Recycling Lie" Documentary




Prof. Faten Morsi



Amal Abu Saif

Menoufia University, Egypt

Gender Reading of the Mystery Genre based on Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and Paul Sussman's The Lost Army of Cambyses


Mona Salah Eldin Elnamoury*

Tanta University, Egypt


Homelessness in the Third Millennium, Miral Al-tahawy’s Of Blazing Sun Ville: a Critical Saidian Reading



Riham Ahmed Ziady

Alexandria University – Egypt
A Comparative Study of Foucauldian Models of Discipline in Nazik Al-Malaika’s “Cholera” and Camisha Jones’s “On Working Remotely


Sara Hegazi

Alex University, Egypt


Migration, Transnationalism and Diaspora in Literature: Ibrahim Abdel Megui’s The Other Place


Somaya Abdul Wahhab*

Alex University, Egypt


Baghdad Central: A Tale of A Usurped Nation


Rasha Osman Abdel Haliem

Higher Technology Institute, Egypt


Mental Health Autobiographical Writing: A Study of Emi Niefeld’s Acceptance: A Memoir ( 2022)




Prof. Mona Attia



Mohamed Said Negm & Hala Tharwat Elgendy

Tanta University, Egypt

Further Evidence for the Notion of ‘Genderlect’ Revisited


Fatma ElMahdy

Lecturer of Linguistics at AlMadeena Academy

An Error analysis of the Grammatical Errors in Egyptian EFL Writing


Hafida hafida mokhenfer

National Institute for Research in Education, Algeria


The educational content of folklore: a sociological approach


Maha SE Hamed

Misr International University (MIU), Egypt


The ‘Us’ vs ‘Them’ dichotomy in Biden’s Inaugural and First State of the Union Addresses: A Comparative Analysis in Light of the Ideological Square Theor


Marwa Mahmoud Abdel Wahed

Ain Shams University, Egypt


The VP-Split analysis and Anaphora in Arabic Triliteral Verbs: A Comparative Study of Classical Arabic and Modern English


Md. Sadequle Islam

University of Hamburg, Germany


Challenges of Translanguaging Practice in Bangladeshi English as a Foreign Language Classes: A Study of Teachers’ Beliefs


Sondos Mohamed Abdel-haleem,

Ain Shams University, Egypt


A Multidisciplinary Linguistic Analysis of Selected English and Arabic Political Cartoons: A Comparative Study


Prof. Rasha Kamal



Prof. Xue Qing Guo



نائب  رئیس جمعیة الأدب العربی بالصین و استاذ اللغة العربیة بجامعة بکین للدراسات الأجنبیة



Ahmed Mohamed Alsaeeed*




The Spread of Taha Hussain's Literary Works in China


Doaa Mohamed Hassan Abdallah Ibrahim

Suez University, Egypt




Hamed Elsayed Khalil Mohamed
Azhar university, Egypt
Arab-Chinese relations in the early era of Islam in the shadow of the land and sea silk Road


Maha Magdy Moustafa Mohammed kazem

Suez Canal University, Egypt


新冠疫情下汉语术语的演变 以世界知识产权组织(wipo)数据库为例

The development of the Chinese terms during the novel Coronavirus epidemic according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (wipo) database





Prof. Baher Elgohary



Elsayed Madboly

Badr University in Cairo, Egypt

Fexion vs. Derivation: Ist da eine Grenzlinie möglich?


Diaa Elnaggar

Badr University in Cairo, Egypt


Fantasie In Hans Dominiks Roman „Der Brand Der Cheopspyramide“ (1926) Zwischen Science Fiction Und Erinnerungskultur


Marwa Abdelmohsen Ziko,

Badr University in Cairo, Egypt
Sprachpolitik als Kulturpolitik am Beispiel des Romans „Der Brand der Cheopspyramide“ von Hans Dominik


Mustafa Thabet Metwally

Badr University in Cairo, Egypt

Zu den psychologischen Abwehrmechanismen aus literarischer Perspektive


Mohammad Mahmoud

Badr University in Cairo, Egypt

Bewerten als eine Sprechhandlung im deutschen politischen Reden Eine textlinguistische Analyse




Gala Dinner


Day 2: Sunday 16th October 2022


Professor ZHANG Hua ( 張華 ) (Online)

Beijing Language and Culture University, China

(Today's Literary Theory in China)


Professor Jeanne Dubino

Appalachian State University North Carolina – USA

(Is There a Future for Literary Studies? Teaching Literature through Interdisciplinary Perspectives)


Professor Isabella Camera D’afflitto

University of Sabienza, Italy

(“Esiste la traduzione perfetta?”)

(“Is there a perfect Translation?”)

Hall 234

11:30 - 12:00

Tea Break & Lunch

12:00- 1:30


Workshops on Language Teaching by Capital For professional Development


Embarking on Oral Presentation Projects Embedding the 21st Century Skills

Dr. Reem Naguib


Lessons of the pandemic: an inclusive teaching methodology

Dr. Hossam Attiah

Parallel Sessions

1:30 – 3:30

Session (1) A

(ENG) Translation

Room 234

Session (1) B

(ENG) Literature

Room 119

Session (1) C

(ENG) Linguistics

Room 117

Session (1) D


Room 107

Session (1) E


Room 112

Session (1) E


Room 114


Prof. Mustafa Riad


Ben Robertson &  Ekaterina Kobeleva

Troy University, Alabama, USA


Future Contexts of Translation and the Complexities of Nikolai Gretsch’s Travel Letters


Ya Hou

University of Macau, Macau.


A Multimodal Analysis on Translations of Du Fu’s Poems Based on the BBC Documentary Du Fu: the Chinese Greatest Poet

Nagwa Younis

Faculty of Language studies, AOU, Egypt


An Eco-Translatology Approach to Analyzing the English and Arabic Translations of Pamuk's My Name is Red


Arwa Magdy Ali

Cairo University, Egypt


The translator’s  ideology and socio-cultural factors in The translations of Taha Hussein’s The Days -A passage to France and The Fulfilled Promise


Mohamed Ibrahim Elsayeh

Alex University, Egypt

Analyzing the Role of Subtitling in Decoding the Televised Discours about ISIS in Netflix’s Caliphate


Fatma Mohamed Amr

Badr University in Cairo, Egypt


Narrative of LGBTQ Representations in Disney Cartoons



Nermine Yehia Emara

Badr University in Cairo, Egypt


Machine Translation Error Identification And Post-editing Training


Ziad Mahmoud Fahmy

Badr University in Cairo, Egypt


Interpreting Provocative Discourse From English Into Arabic And Vice Versa In Some Selected Football Press Conferences




Prof. Fatma Taher


Asmaa  Ragab

Academy of Arts , Egypt


Popular Group Literature - Paranormal Science A Parapsychological Study In Folk Stories


Salma Hanno

Modern Sciences and Arts University- (MSA University), Egypt


A Foucauldian Reading of Utopias/Dystopias in Selected Novels by Margaret Atwood


Muhamad Kamal Kamel Abdelmageed

Cairo University, Egypt

Kalām and the Dialectical Syllogism in Ibn Sīnās Jadal


Mohammad Shaaban Deyab

Badr University in Cairo, Egypt"Yet I alive!" Survival and Decision-Making in Daniel Defoe’s A Journal of the Plague Year 1722


Angie N Hmaouda

Badr University in Cairo, Egypt


Digital Poetry: A 21st Century Platform of Poetic Depiction


Riham Mohamed Yassin

Badr University in Cairo, Egypt


Center-Periphery Dichotomy in Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses



Prof. Amany Elshazly


Ayad Enad Khalaf & Riyadh Abbas AL-Jashami

Dijlah University College. Baghdad-Iraq

Religious education and Islamic studies management. Baghdad Iraq

Thematization of Complement in English


Nashwa Abdelkader Elyamany

Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), Egypt

Revisiting Herman and Chomsky’s Propaganda Model: Gated Communities Advertising Discourse as a Case Study


Ahmed Soliman Adly

Badr University in Cairo, Egypt

A Cognitive Semiotic Analysis of Arabic Humorous Texts on Facebook


Ahmed Safwat Mohamed Kamal

Badr University in Cairo, Egypt

A pragmatic analysis of two scenes from the movie Prisoners.


Youmna Muhammad Samir Abu El-'ela,


Badr University in Cairo, Egypt


The Scope of Negation Operators in English and Cairene Egyptian Arabic Within Chomsky's Principles and Parameters Theory


Prof. Nagwa Mehrz


Ali Mohamed Abdel Latif

Minia University, Egypt.


La didáctica de la Traducción y la adquisición de la competencia traductora


Amira Sabry Gomaa

Higher Institute of languages and translation 6 of october, Egypt


Lo Absurdo En La Obra De Horacio Quiroga: Lectura Paralela El Almohadón De Plumas Y La Gallina Degollada Como Modelos


Hayam Abdou Mohamed Farrag

Helwan University, Egypt


Flora y fauna en El vergel de Josefina Aldecoa. Análisis desde la perspectiva de la ecocritica



Ishak Faarag Fahim

Minia University, Egypt.

Cinco claves y siete estrategias del buen intérprete


Manar Elhalwany

Zagazig university, Egypt

Contradictions and Incoherent Memories: in The Mirage (As-sarab) by Naguib Mahfuz Psycholinguistic Analysis of Verbal Relevance



Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed Mekky

Higher institute for specific studies, Egypt


Miguel Hernández's "Nanas de la Ceboola": a Comparative Study of English and Arabic Translations



Mohamed Elsayed Deyab

Minia University, Egypt.

El Concepto Y La Función De La Literatura Femenina Entre La Literatura Española Y La Árabe


Saafan Amer Saafan

Modern Sciences and Arts University, Egypt

Arabic-Spanish contrastive analysis of the translation of the parables in Taxi


Nesreen Ahmed Abdel Hamid

Al Azhar University., Egypt


The Digital World in Life in the Windows, by the Spanish-Argentine writer Andres Neuman.


Salwa Ahmad Mahmoud

Badr University in Cairo
Un Nuevo Humanismo Y Procedimientos Terapéuticos En La Sonrisa Etrusca, De José Luis Sampedro


Professor Isabella Camera D’afflitto


Prof. Davide Scalmani & Prof. Maria Avino & Prof.  Hussein Mahmoud & Prof. Lamiaa Elshereef


Book Review

Occidente Mella Culturea araba

الغرب فی الثقافة العربیة


Giuseppe Cecere

University of Bologna, Italy


Religious Dimensions in Literary Translation: Challenges and Strategies


Nesma Moh. Hafez Ibrahim

Helwan University


Il furbesco in “Gomorra” di Roberto Saviano, studio stilistico e problematiche traduttive


Lamia Elsherif

Badr University in Cairo
La problematica morale e esistenziale nel fantastio-allegorico di Dino Buzzati e Tawfik al-Hakim


Christine Samir Girgis

Badr University in Cairo, Egypt


La Natura Umana Nella Tragedia Di 'Delitto All'isola Delle Capre' Di Ugo Betti.




Prof. Galal Abou Ziad


Yahya Zakaryah  Abdulbaqy

Alhikmah University, Nigeria


من تحدیات التواصل الإجتماعی لموظفی الأعاجم فی الدول العربیة : دراسة لغویة اجتماعیة الکلمات الرئیسیة: التحدیات الأعاجم التواصل الاجتماعی


Heba Refaat Al Hattab


Pharos University, Egypt


Pratiques Dans L’enseignement De La Traduction Et De L'interprétation



منیر عتیبة

مدیر مختبر مکتبة السردیات بمکتبة الإسکندریة

الأدب الصینی بین المرکز و الهامش


3:30– 4:30

Meet the Scholars

Prof. Mona Baker, Prof Jeanne Dubino, Prof. Christopher Rundle, Prof Isabella Camera D’afflitto

Hall 234