The 2nd International Conference On Future Contexts: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Literature, Language and Translation

Conference Themes:

We Welcome contributions across the topics included, but not limited to:

Literature Track :

interdisciplinary studies in Literature
Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences
Migration, Transnationalism, and Diaspora in Literature
The politics in/of Literature
Literature and Human Rights
Literature, Medicine & disease
Literature and Ecology
Literature and technology
Challenges in contemporary literature

Linguistics Track :

Language and crisis
Language and ideology
Language and media
Language and technology
Language and society
Computational linguistics
Corpus-based language studies
Language and cognition
Historical linguistics
Forensic linguistics (language and the law)
Comparative and contrastive linguistic studies
Narrative syntax

Translation Track :

Translation and minority
Translation in local and international spheres
Technical and methodological perspectives of translation and interpretation
Technology and translation
Terminology and translation
Professional challenges in translation and interpretation
Translation services in regional and international organizations
Academic plans in translation and interpretation departments
Developments in translation corpora
Electronic engines and digital translation
Past and future Impact of pandemics on translation studies and teaching

Teaching Languages Track